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Mission 28 - Chronology
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

October 12, 2004:
An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonates near a First Cavalry patrol vehicle in Baghdad, killing three soldiers.

October 13, 2004:
An IED detonates near a US military patrol in Baghdad, killing one First Cavalry soldier. An IED detonates near an Army reservist military convoy in Mosul, killing two reservists.

October 14, 2004
An IED detonates near a US military convoy in Baghdad, killing a 10th Mountain Division soldier. Another IED detonates near a US military convoy in Ramadi, killing two soldiers from the 44th Engineer Battalion and a soldier from the Army s 2nd Infantry Division.

October 15, 2004:
A vehicle-borne explosive device (VBIED) kills ten Iraqi bystanders and injures four Iraqi policemen in Baghdad. In other VBIED attacks, two soldiers from the 4th Psy-Ops are killed in Karabilah and an Army National Guardsman is killed in Balad.

October 18, 2004:
Slovak nationals escape injury when a roadside IED detonates next to their car in Baghdad. The device is remotely detonated, damaging three vehicles.

October 27-29, 2004:
Vehicle-borne IEDs detonate each day, killing a National Guardsman in Balad, a First Cavalry soldier in Baghdad, and a 2nd Brigade Combat Team soldier in Ramadi.

November 2, 2004:
Eight people are killed and ten injured when a car bomb smashes the barriers around the Education Ministry in Baghdad. A second VBIED detonates near a military convoy in Mosul, killing four civilians and injuring seven soldiers.

November 3, 2004:
An explosive device detonates next to an oil pipeline inside the Northern Oil Company near Kirkuk. There is extensive damage to the pipeline. Another IED attack in Baghdad kills a First Infantry Division soldier.

A First Infantry Division soldier is killed and another is injured when their combat patrol strikes an IED in Baghdad.

November 4, 2004:
An IED detonates near a military vehicle in Balad, killing a National Guardsman.

November 6, 2004:
In Baghdad, an Army private is killed when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonates near his up-armored HMMWV.

November 7, 2004:
A 10th Mountain Division soldier is dead after a VBIED explodes on his Task Force Baghdad convoy. A California Army National Guard soldier dies when his vehicle strikes an IED in Baghdad.

November 8, 2004:
A Marine reservist dies after his vehicle traveling in a convoy hits an IED west of Fallujah. In Baghdad, two VBIEDs detonate within minutes of each other, damaging two religious sites: St. George Church and St. Matthew s Church. Later, a VBIED detonates outside Yarmouk Hospital in Baghdad, killing five Iraqi police officers and one civilian. Twenty-six civilians are injured.

November 10, 2004:
A 1st Infantry Division Soldier is killed and another injured after their combat patrol is struck by an IED near Balad.


Ramadi Convoy Exercise

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