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Congratulations to Brian McCleary and James Ross!
Look for them in an upcoming Kuma\War Mission
that re-creates 'Baghdad Convoy.' Stay tuned for details.

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories and voted.

James Ross

Brian McCleary

Submitted by Brian McCleary
Story is submitted by Brian but written by James Ross, Sergeant Major, Task Force 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Calvalry Division
Baghdad, Iraq, April 2004

The patrol departed Camp Blackjack , Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) at 0530 hours. The patrol consisted of 2nd Platoon, Foxtrot Battery, 4-5 ADA . At 0545 hours we picked up “J our translator at the Titan Company Headquarters. Everyone calls him J because his Arabic Name is too tough to pronounce. The patrol consisted of 8 M114 Up-Armor HWMMVs. Each HWMMV had a crew of 3 or 4 personnel. Each HWMMV had a crew-served weapon mounted in the rotating turret of the HWMMV. [read more...]

Mark O'Neill

Submitted by Mark O'Neill
Story is from his service in Army
Baghdad, Iraq

My Civil Affairs team and I were at a General Information Center , a GIC, monitoring a neighborhood advisory committee meeting. I had five soldiers outside guarding the entrance and one soldier with me in the meeting, where we sat trying to listen to the translator. It was hot and dull. I had to get up frequently and pretend to get water. [read more...]


Bill Treadway

Submitted by Will Treadway
Story is about his fathers’ service

Hello, my father served in Vietnam as a leader of a five man MAC-V team. MAC-V is Military Assistance Command - Vietnam , and was the remnants of the original advisors sent over in the early sixties. Anyway, Captain T's five man team was one of several in a district near Hue. One night, two other teams were sent out on a joint mission, and it began to go horribly wrong. The teams had been ambushed by VC and were about to be overrun by a force much larger then theirs. [read more...]

Sgt. Stan Laskowski (2nd from left)

Submitted by Sgt. Stan Laskowski
Story is from his service in 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division
Baghdad, Iraq - April 2004

The 2nd squad leader, who was on the right flank, took the imitative to do a short flanking maneuver because 1st platoon was not in the position to clear our direct front. My squad and 3rd squad picked up our fire to aid in his advance and together, we cleared the area. [read more...]

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