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The 101st Airborne Take On al Qaeda In
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Kuma\War New Mission ‘Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection’
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New York (July 2, 2004) – Kuma\War, the revolutionary new online PC game service that allows players to experience real war events weeks after they occur though fully-interactive 3D re-creations has released its latest mission, Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection, based on an actual U.S. Army operation in Mosul, Iraq.

In Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection, The U.S. Army's efforts to flush out insurgents in Iraq yields a terrorist safe house connected to bin Laden ally, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.  Zarqawi, leader of the Zarqawi terror network, has either claimed responsibility or been blamed for most of the major attacks and kidnappings in Iraq in recent months, including the beheading of American Nick Berg. In this mission, player's will command a 101st Airborne Division fire team as they move through hostile urban terrain and take down the terror cell.

Armed with advice from U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dan Snyder and other background information from Kuma's team of military experts, in Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection players must use proper squad tactics to clear rooms and secure buildings as they experience MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). The intense firefights require a combination of good discipline and fast reflexes as Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection displays first-hand the multi-faceted, split-decision events real-world soldiers experience every day.

"Our goal at Kuma\War is to provide a unique window into real war news.  We offer our subscribers information on key events from the war using an original news show, wire service videos, intel packs, maps and satellite images and advice from military staff advisors that they otherwise would not have access to," said Kuma Reality Games CEO Keith Halper.  "No other computer game online provides the type of authentic combat experiences within a game environment that we can."

Every month, online subscribers can expect to receive at lease three new missions that further explore the explosive situation in Iraq, including downloadable game missions in Baghdad's Sadr City and more deadly clashes with al- Zarqawi militants. The Kuma\War online game service will also portray the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Kuma Reality Games builds re-creations of real-world events using advanced gaming tools. Each month, Kuma\War online subscribers receive playable missions, video news shows, extensive intelligence gathered from news sources around the world, and insight from a decorated team of military veterans.  Kuma\War is a first and third-person tactical squad-based military PC game that provides multiple updates monthly to the consumer's computer via a broadband connection, to reflect unfolding events in the real war. Current playable missions available for download include: Uday and Qusay Hussein's Last Stand in Mosul, Iraq, Parts 1 and 2; Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan; Samarra Bank Heist, Parts 1 and 2; Iran Hostage Rescue, Parts 1 and 2; Fallujah Police Station Raid, Fallujah Abizaid Attack, Samarra Stryker Brigade, the Multiplayer Mission Pack: Patrol Ambush, Desert Town, Coastline, Fallujah Vigilant Resolve and Mosul: The al Qaeda Connection. Kuma Reality Games, headquartered in New York, New York is a privately held company.

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