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Mission 31 - News Coverage
Osama 2001

Event Reporting:

Christian Science Monitor
How bin Laden got away

Washington Post
U.S. Concludes Bin Laden Escaped at Tora Bora Fight

Assault on Tora Bora

Escape from Tora Bora

Chicago Tribune
U.S. hits Tora Bora; Afghan attack stalls

Inside the Tora Bora Caves

On Assignment: Tora Bora Manhunt

Re-examining Tora Bora

Al-Qaeda Forces "Contained" in Tora Bora Mountains

Brent Sadler: Intense assault on Tora Bora

Warplanes pound bin Laden's supposed hiding place

Bin Laden fighters make a stand

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Final push at Tora Bora

Inside Tora Bora: The Final Hours?

Tales of Tora Bora

USA Today
Did bin Laden get away?

Official announcements:

DOD Press Briefing
Defense Department Operational Briefing

DOD Press Briefing
Transcript of Press Briefing by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. Richard Myers

DOD Press Briefing
Tora Bora Battle Continues

Interview Transcript
Gen. Myers Interview with Fox Sunday Morning

Interview Transcript
Gen. Myers Interview with CBS Face the Nation

DOD Press Briefing
Opposition Forces Advance 2 Kilometers in Tora Bora

Con Tora Bora: What Really Happened?
ProAfghanistan: resolution's poster child
Pro War of Words
Con How Bush blew it in Tora Bora
“Grass Roots” Websites:
Pro Defend America
Pro Department of Homeland Security
Pro Project for the New American Century
Pro US Department of State
Con The National Grassroots Peace Network
Con Greenpeace International
Con Campaign to Stop the War against Iraq
Con The New Internationalist

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