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Mission 31 - Description
Osama 2001

Tora Bora, Afghanistan. December 5, 2001: US political and military officials find out Osama bin Laden is holed up in the rugged cave complexes of Tora Bora and decide to employ local Afghan fighters to go after the world’s most wanted man.

Intelligence sources believe hundreds of al Qaeda fighters have made the journey to Tora Bora, a military complex deeply embedded in the White Mountains of Afghanistan. What interests authorities most is that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind countless terror attacks around the globe and 9/11, is reported to be among those seeking refuge in the vast underground development. Because they are most familiar with the treacherous terrain, local Afghan fighters are tasked with much of the ground assault to surround and capture bin Laden. But how reliable were they? Did they let bin Laden just walk away?

The caves of Tora Bora are well-known in US military circles. The CIA even sponsored expansion of the natural fortification to aid the Afghans in their fight against the Soviet occupation. Now, two decades later, the US is tasked with the difficult and dangerous job of permeating the stronghold to capture or kill hardened al Qaeda operatives, including bin Laden himself.

Tora Bora suffers an onslaught of fire, but the caves are a tight entanglement of deep and expansive underground paths that provide plenty of options for retreat. With suspicion surrounding Osama bin Laden’s suspected “escape” from Tora Bora, you now have the opportunity to play through the battle as it could have gone down had US troops been the force on the ground.

Do you have the tenacity to enter the cold and darkly disturbing battleground, the ideal asylum for the sinister enemies that dwell within? Your survival depends on stealth and accuracy.


Osama 2001

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