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Mission 3 - Overview
Operation Anaconda

Gardez, Afghanistan, March 2, 2002 - Elements of the 10th Mountain faced off against Taliban and al Qaeda to open the largest combat operation in Afghanistan

By the end of February, 2002, Allied forces had planned an operation to crush remaining Taliban and al-Qaeda forces based in the Shah-i-Kot mountains near Gardez. Troops from the 10th Mountain were helicoptered into positions March 2. The plan called for friendly Afghan forces and Green Beret troopers to assault some 200 to 400 enemy fighters, and drive them toward the 10th’s blocking positions. But the enemy wasn’t waiting where they were supposed to be - and there were many more of them than expected. The 10th Mountain landed right in the middle of a firestorm of mortar and small arms fire as al Qaeda and Taliban fighters assaulted them from different points, defying several attempts to clear the area with bombings and close air support. The 10th Mountain held out against a barrage of attacks, and by the time they were flown out that night, they’d seen one of the heaviest days of fighting in the entire Afghan campaign.

Our Kuma News segment features Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (ret.), and discusses how the 10th Mountain Division turned a potentially disasterous situation into a victory over al Qaeda. The mission you'll experience focuses on the role of hunter/killer teams -- sniper teams whose "fire and maneuver" tactics can help keep the enemy off balance and take out key leadership targets.

Release date: February 28, 2004
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Operation Anaconda