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Mission 15 - Overview
Mosul - The al Qaeda Connection

December 28, 2003:

Saddam Hussein is captured, and in the weeks that follow, insurgents loyal to the former dictator initiate waves of violence against US and coalition forces that will continue for the better part of the following year. At the same time, foreign terrorist organizations recognize opportunity in Iraq's abundance of chaos. Jordanian militant and senior al Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is one such terrorist. He and his network of related organizations are either claiming responsibility or being blamed for most of the major attacks in Iraq in recent months, including the car bomb assassination of interim president Izzadine Saleem and the beheading of American Nick Berg.

This week's Kuma\War mission is a cordon and knock operation that takes us to a house in Mosul, Iraq where soldiers from the 101st Airborne encounter terrorists from the Ansar al-Islam terrorist group, part of al Zarqawi's network. Ansar al-Islam militants were spawned by al Qaeda, trained in northern Iraq, and after being bombed out of their mountain compound by US Special forces and local Kurdish fighters at the start of the war, moved their operations into cities like Mosul.

Just who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and what is his interest in Iraq? And how is he connected to the al Qaeda-influenced and funded Ansar al-Islam? Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson (ret.) joins Jacki Schechner to discuss al Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam, and how the enemy's operations affect US military presence in Iraq. Then Dante Anderson, Kuma's Head of Product Development, will brief you on what to expect from your mission in Mosul, and what tactical maneuvers you should practice before you jump in. The Ansar militants in Mosul are the deadliest of enemy forces, and having honed their combat skills in a mountain compound in northern Iraq, they are prepared to stop at nothing.


Mosul - The al Qaeda Connection

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