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Mission 15 - Global Headlines
Mosul - The al Qaeda Connection

Rebels Bomb Crowded Marketplace in Iraq
Karrada, a heavily populated Baghdad neighborhood and shopping district, came under fire when a US military convoy was struck with a homemade bomb. According to military spokesmen, insurgents attacked the convoy on a heavily populated street, injuring two Iraqi children who were standing near the blast. The mid-morning attack came at a time Karrada’s streets are normally packed with shoppers and residents.

Attorney Says Limbaugh Blackmailed by Maid
Rush Limbaugh's former maid demanded $4 million to keep quiet the conservative radio commentator’s addiction to prescription painkillers, according to Limbaugh’s lawyer. "Rush was extorted for large amounts of money from these people, who said they were going to report the fact of his addiction to the National Enquirer," attorney Roy Black disclosed. On a morning news show, Black explained Limbaugh paid the maid "several hundred thousand dollars" before she went public with her boss’s secret anyway.

2 Baghdad Children, US Soldiers Killed by Bomb
In an insurgent attack Sunday, a bomb planted beside a road in Baghdad killed two Iraqi children and an American soldier. 14 people were wounded, including five US soldiers, an Iraqi interpreter and eight members of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps when the bomb detonated in a densely populated area of Baghdad. The killings come a day after hundreds of mourners buried innocent victims of a guerrilla ambush in the holy Shiite city of Karbala.

RUS Closing in on Clan Insurgency
After months of interrogations and arrests to sources closest to Saddam Hussein, US officials announce they are close to disclosing a network of five clans leading insurgent attacks in Iraq. The clans are based largely in Tikrit, and are responsible for funneling money and weapons to local rebels. In addition, the government says the network is directly responsible for instructing gunmen and bomb makers to lead attacks against the coalition.

Mad Cow Meat in More States
Meat cut from a Holstein sick with mad cow disease was sent to four more states than previously disclosed. Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana and Guam received meat from an infected Holstein, the Agriculture Department said. As a precaution, an estimated 10,000 pounds of meat from the infected cow and from 19 other cows all slaughtered Dec. 9 at Vern's Moses Lake Meat Co., in Moses Lake, Washington, were recalled.

19 Die in Karbala Attacks
Four attacks against two coalition camps left 19 dead and at least 160 wounded. The coordinated blasts came from four simultaneously detonated car bombs, followed by mortars and machine gun fire. Killed instantly were four Bulgarians, two Thai soldiers and seven Iraqis. Five more Iraqis and a Bulgarian soldier injured in the attacks are reported to have died in the hospital.

Thai Officials Against Deployment After Deaths
In light of two Thai solders killed in Karbala—Thailand’s first battlefield losses since the Vietnam war—Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee Kraisak Choonhaven is revisiting the issue of the need for Thai troops in Iraq. In September, the opposition to sending troops to join the US-led coalition was so strong, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra committed to half of the 1,000 originally promised. The car bombing that took the lives of the two Thai engineers sent shock waves through the Thai contingency of 400 in Iraq.

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