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Mission 15 - Description
Mosul - The al Qaeda Connection

Mosul, Iraq. December 28, 2003:
Soldiers from the 101st Airborne in Mosul are conducting a routine cordon and knock operation to flush out insurgents when they come upon a house harboring Ansar al-Islam militants and a sizeable weapons cache.

In the city of Mosul, rebels are easily incensed in the weeks following the capture of Saddam Hussein. Mosul plays host to a violent pro-Saddam rally, and days later, attackers attempt to ambush US forces occupying Hussein’s former palace. They fire on patrols and injure troops. An Iraqi tribal chief is murdered. Authorities order cordon and knock operations throughout the city to help weed out insurgents.

The routine, door-to-door search begins on December 22, 2003. On day six of the operation, troops from the 101st Airborne encounter an explosive situation. When they attempt to enter a home, soldiers are greeted with gunfire and a grenade. The 101st rushes into the house, and a firefight ensues between US soldiers and members of Ansar al-Islam, an al Qaeda affiliate with ties to Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. US soldiers are careful to avoid harming innocents also in the building.

Would you be able to discriminate between terrorist operatives and innocent civilians in the split-seconds needed to save yourself? As you conduct your cordon and knock mission in Mosul, you will have four separate houses with four distinct combat scenarios to conquer. Here’s where you tactical training comes into play. Setting up overwatch protection and knowing how to "pie a room" properly will help insure you neutralize the enemy and spare innocent civilian bystanders. Remember, Ansar al-Islam is a ruthless terrorist organization, and its militants won’t hesitate to engage anyone at any cost.