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Mission 17 - Overview
Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault

Sadr City, Iraq - June 29, 2004:

First Cavalry soldiers have seen 80 straight days of combat when Mahdi Army militiamen in Sadr City, Baghdad set up an ambush using IEDs to disable the US Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

It is the day after the official handover of power to the transitional Iraqi government, but within radical pockets of Baghdad, it's a day like all others. The campaign to kill American soldiers wages on.

So on a perfect night in June, when two of eight IEDs successfully disable two Bradley Fighting Vehicles, the guerrillas find themselves at an atypical advantage. But the victory is short-lived. The heavily-armed rebels miscalculate the swiftness and instincts of the First Cavalry, troops who've lived and breathed Sadr City's mutiny for longer than any other unit.

Today's Kuma News video features Jacki Schechner with Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, CEO of the United States Naval Institute and Kuma Military Advisory Board Member, discussing the First Cavalry's mission, the ongoing Baghdad insurgency, and the sovereignty of Iraq. You'll also hear commentary from Dante Anderson, Kuma's Head of Product Development, about the innovative vehicle in our arsenal, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the confrontation you'll face on the perilous Night Patrol.

Release date: July 31, 2004

Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault