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Mission 17 - Global Headlines
Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault

Marines: First Casualties in New Iraq
Several Marines were killed this morning when a roadside bomb exploded in a residential neighborhood in southeast Baghdad. Three US marines became the first casualties in the new Iraq, after the handover of authority took place this week. Two other Marines were wounded in the attack.

Zeta-Jones Stalker Apologizes
Pleading not guilty to felony charges of stalking actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dawnette Knight, 32, has written a letter of apology while being held on $1 million bail. Knight faces 24 counts of criminal threats and one count of stalking for the letters and violent phone calls aimed at Zeta-Jones. Knight faces 19 years in prison.

Saddam Makes Court Appearance
Saddam Hussein made a brief court appearance this week, arriving in chains. The ousted Iraqi leader, looking clean and projecting a more stoic image for television cameras than the world saw upon his capture in December, identified himself in Arabic: "I am Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq."

Peterson Trial Juror Dismissed
A juror who made a passing comment to Scott Peterson's brother-in-law was told of his dismissal following more than two hours of closed-door discussions. Justin Falconer, 28, denied allegations he made a passing comment to Scott Peterson on the way to the jury box, but admitted discussing the case with his girlfriend, a violation of court rules.

LA Mall Security Boosted After Threat
The LAPD is increasing patrols at shopping malls in the city of Los Angeles after a terrorism task force began investigating an "uncorroborated" threat. Federal officials believe an attack on an unspecified location may have been planned for Thursday. The threat came in an anonymous phone call to federal homeland security officials.

American Hostage Believed Dead
Iraqi rebels executed an American hostage they held captive for three months, according to Al-Jazeera television. The station reported that the slain soldier was Spc. Keith M. Maupin, who was taken hostage after an April 9 attack outside Baghdad and reportedly killed in response to US policy in Iraq.

One Dead in Texas Floods
In North Texas, an estimated foot of rain fell during overnight storms, flooding homes and roadways and cutting power lines to homes. One man died in a wreck relating to the weather. Southern Dallas County reports 175 to 200 homes damaged by high water in the suburb of Lancaster, where 12 inches fell.

Charges filed in Afghan Prisoner Death
38-year-old David Passaro is the first US citizen charged in the death of an Afghan prisoner on June 21. The four-count indictment states Passaro, a CIA contractor, beat Abdul Wali to death with his hands, feet, and a large flashlight. If convicted, Passaro faces 40 years in prison.

Customer Lists Sold to Spammer
92 million America Online customer account “screen names” were stolen by an AOL software engineer and sold to a man sending spam e-mail, say federal prosecutors in New York. Jason Smathers sold the account list to Sean Dunaway, an internet gambling site owner, for $100,000. Each man faces 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Smathers has been fired from AOL.

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