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Mission 17 - Description
Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault

June 29, 2004:
The First Cavalry Division has endured more than 80 straight days of combat with Mahdi Army militiamen in the dirty streets of Sadr City, Baghdad. On a night patrol through the suburb slum, well-placed IEDs incapacitate a couple of Bradley Fighting Vehicles, leaving the troops vulnerable as they fix their transport.

US officials transferred sovereignty to the new interim Iraqi government two days sooner than expected. And while the move was calculated to throw insurgents off guard and thwart any plans to interfere with the planned June 30th transition, neither the handover of power nor its timing did anything to stop Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army militiamen from continuing to target US soldiers on patrol through the streets of Baghdad.

On June 29th, First Cav soldiers identify and blow up eight IEDs along their convoy route. But there are more, and the first Bradley Fighting Vehicle hits a roadside bomb. The explosion renders the Bradley immobile. Moments later, a second IED explodes to cripple a second vehicle and wound several soldiers.

As part of the First Cavalry on patrol this night, you are now essentially cornered. Your mobility is restricted by immovable vehicles and injured men. You hear incoming RPG fire and your night vision spots Mahdi Army militiamen with AK-47s moving in for the attack. Forced to exit the safe armor of the Bradley, do you have the stealth and intuition needed to pinpoint the insurgents and take them out? With your Bradley as a backdrop, you must set the stage for success, lead your team to safety, and reclaim the battlefield.