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Mission 17 - Chronology
Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault

June 1, 2004
First Cavalry's Company C, taking fire from a mosque, calls for backup. Four more Bradleys enter and surround the mosque. Soon after, an RPG flies overhead. Another hit comes closer, rocking a Bradley, then another. But the gunner cannot find the enemies. A half-dozen more RPG hits rock the Bradleys over the next half hour, coming within yards of the massive machines. The insurgents are finally spotted behind a truck about 400 yards away and killed. The first three Bradleys move out, but the fourth waits a few seconds until a man appears from an alleyway with an AK-47 rifle. He is killed by the Bradley's machine gun.

June 12
Thirty soldiers in a convoy make their way into the densely populated downtown area when roadside bombs suddenly explode around them. Burning barricades block their path. The lead vehicle's thermal imaging scopes picked up two men in the street 300 yards away carrying a box with trailing wires. It's a bomb with a remote-control trigger. The lead vehicle opens fire with its 7.62-mm machine gun, but the gun sight malfunctions and the bullets fire wide. A second Bradley moves in and kills the insurgents.

June 29
In Sadr City, Iraq, the enemy uses eight roadside bombs to target a Bradley convoy on patrol. Most of the roadside bombs are spotted and destroyed, but the lead vehicle hits an IED. There are no casualties. When a second bomb hits wounding several soldiers, it takes three-hours to retrieve both crippled Bradleys and evacuate the injured. As soldiers try to fix their vehicles, militants close in for the kill. US soldiers retaliate, killing their attackers.


Baghdad: Mahdi Army Assault