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Mission 21 -Overview
Korea: The Enemy Within

Anin Beach, North Korea. September 18, 1996:

It’s September 18, 1996. You’re leading a squad of Republic of Korea (ROK) paratroopers called out of their barracks this autumn day in response to a report that a North Korean submarine has landed on a nearby beach. It’s disgorged a team of heavily-armed enemy commandos, and you’re not surprised.

The communist “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (DPRK) have been infiltrating your country for years, engaging in spying and espionage. They’ve attempted to kill your president no less than four times since the end of the war. Their leaders are ideologues, committed to the conquest of your country. They are convinced that only your destruction can save them from political and economic ruin. It is a desperate, but sad, state of affairs. For while they spend a quarter of their budget preparing their military, they have no funds left for food, electricity, or heating oil. The threat of invasion is real, and it may be on, right now.

Your two-man team begins near Anin Beach, where the submarine bobs awkwardly in the distance. It’s caught on the rocks, grounded and empty, but for castaway weapons and uniforms. Your mission is to scour the surrounding area looking for the escaped commandoes and the submarine crew.

By this point, they could be anywhere, heading into the mountains or on their way towards civilization. If the infiltrators reach either, they could slip out of your grasp. Time is working against you. You need to search the area surrounding Odaesan National Park, including the ruins of Gulsansa, and stop the DPRK before they get to either the North Korean border or the highway-accessible city of Kangnung. Sources indicate your enemy isn’t working alone. Communist sympathizers in South Korea won’t hesitate to hide your targets or help guide them to safety.

Your manhunt is bound to cover a vast area as the North Korean special forces and naval crew spread out. Use your compass. The yellow tip tells you where you are. The red marker shows where you want to be. Line them up, and you’ll get there. Once you accomplish one objective, the red marker will reset and point you towards your next.

Finally, the area we’ve modeled is vast and will be tough to cover exclusively on foot. There is a HMMWV parked on the beach highway that you can use for transport. But don’t forget it’s a light-skinned vehicle, and it won’t protect you from heavy enemy fire. You’ve seen how vicious the North Korean military can be, even towards their own, and you know they won’t hesitate to fight back. Good luck.

Release date: September 24, 2004

Korea: The Enemy Within

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