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Mission 21 -Force Background & Histories
Korea: The Enemy Within

The North Korean navy is headquartered at P'yongyang. The 40,000 members of North Korea’s Navy are primarily a coastal defense force, but they are certainly capable of conducting inshore defensive operations, submarine operations against unsophisticated naval threats, offensive and defensive mining operations, and conventional raids. Its primary offensive mission is to sabotage the operations of South Korea, particularly by inserting small-scale amphibious operations along the coast (a practice they’ve been caught doing numerous times). A more sophisticated plan, such as conducting rocket and shore bombardments against South Korea, probably wouldn’t fly, so to speak. North Korea lacks the air defense and detection instruments necessary for chief operations.

The Republic of Korea army consists of the Army Headquarters, the Army Command, the Aviation Command, and the Special Warfare Command. The army possesses 11 corps, 49 divisions, 19 brigades, some 560,000 troops, some 2,360 tanks, 5,180 pieces of field artillery, and 2,400 armored vehicles. The ground forces are organized into three armies and several independent operational and functional commands. These include the Counterespionage Operations Command, responsible for restraining North Korean saboteurs and espionage agents; the Defense Security Command, the army's internal security organization; and the Logistics Base Command, which manages the movement of supplies to the frontlines. Back to top