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Mission 24 - Satellite Imagery
John Kerry's Silver Star

The Mekong Delta is the bottom half of one of Vietnam's two “rice baskets” formed by the Mekong River which originates in the Tibetan highlands 2,800 miles away. The Mekong travels through China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam. The Vietnamese call the Mekong, Cuu Long, which means “Nine Dragons.” This is because it has nine mouths that lead out into the South China Sea.

The Vietnamese have a saying that refers to the broad scope of the Delta: "Co bay thang canh." Loosely translated, this means the land is so large that “cranes can stretch their wings as they fly.”

During the Vietnam War, the narrow channels and dense jungle terrain of this region proved an ideal hiding place for the Vietcong, and disrupting supplies that came down in small boats from the North was one of the American military’s most important goals. Today, the region is one of Vietnam's foremost producers of rice, vegetables, and fruits.


John Kerry's Silver Star