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Mission 24 - Overview
John Kerry's Silver Star

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The Swift Boats - lightly armored, fast-moving, and armed to the teeth - move further up river but come, once again, under RPG fire. Instead of fleeing, Lieutenant (j.g.) John Kerry takes a hard 90-degree turn directly in the path of the enemy and charges toward shore, guns blazing. Hitting the bank, he and his radio man leap off their boat, tearing through the jungle after the last enemy.

So it went, thirty-five years ago in Vietnam - or did it?

John Kerry's service in Vietnam and medals he earned there have become a hotly disputed topic in Kerry's bid for the Presidency. Ironically, the quantity of discussion has done nothing to improve the quality of information -- competing ads and conflicting press releases have made it difficult to discern fact from myth and fabrication. What actually happened? What was Kerry's role? Did he, in fact, deserve the Navy's lofty Silver Star? Today, in our Kuma\War 3D re-creation of this event, we give you the information you need to judge for yourself.

Our Kuma Video News Show features an interview with Thomas Forrest, member of the Swift Boat Sailors Association . Mr. Forrest served three tours of duty in Vietnam - serving on board PCFs 28, 54, 98, and 102 where he took care of the boat's radios, manned the bow M60 machine gun, and was the boat corpsman. During his service, he earned more than 20 awards, including the Navy Commendation medal with V and 2 Presidential Unit Citations. Since the war, Mr. Forrest has been a Director for the Bucks County Vietnam Memorial and a fundraiser for the Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial. He is currently working on the construction of the Navy-US Coast Guard Memorial and Small Boat display in Coronado, California. We also want to thank Mr. Forrest for sharing with us a wealth of images, audio, and video that provided much of the "texture" for our re-creation. Check out this amazing collection in our Multimedia section (as well as in the slideshow on the upper left of this screen.)

Additionally, Jim Dunnigan of StrategyPage.com. gives a strategic overview of the Swift Boat campaign in Vietnam -- why they were there and how this dangerous mission ultimately succeeded. And this is ultimately our goal: to use our unique game tools and combat research to bring clarity to ordinary people's understanding of Swift Boats, of the men who served in them, and of the events in question by letting you, as Lt. (j.g.) John Kerry, join Swift Boat PCF-94 during these important events.

Release date: 10/21/2004

John Kerry's Silver Star

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