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Mission 24 - Description
John Kerry's Silver Star

The low thunder of your engine churns up the water behind you as you lead three Swift Boats through the small tributaries deep in the Delta. The dense brush on either side is hiding people who want to kill you. This is the mission that won John Kerry a Silver Star, and similar “river raids” like it have claimed the lives of dozens of Swift Boat sailors before you.

The ambush happens quickly. The pop of automatic gunfire erupts from one side, and then B-40 rockets scream past and explode. If you leave, the enemy might kill you or hit the next boat that passes by. You have to turn your boat hard toward the shore and head straight for the enemy. Your .50 cal guns will cut through the VC gun nest, and your M60 gunner is itching to engage the enemy. But this is Charlie’s territory, and in the end, you’ve little choice but to fight on his terms: launch a lightening-quick attack, leap off the boat and into the thick of the battle, and hope you’re faster than he is.


John Kerry's Silver Star