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Mission 37 - Overview
Iraqi Police

In one of the most perilous professions in the country, Iraqi police are a deadly target for Insurgents. These civil soldiers risk their lives every day for the sanctity of their country, their people and democracy.

In the past six months, more than 1,400 Iraqi Policemen have sacrificed their lives, and this month alone, more than 100 Iraqi cops have been killed in the line of duty. The police are attacked at every turn: while working dangerous checkpoints, running convoys, overseeing recruitment lines, even waiting to pick up their monthly $200 paycheck.

The vicious insurgent attacks are an every day occurrence for Iraqi police and other security force members—the very symbols of a free Iraq. Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices are detonated at checkpoints and suicide bombers aim to wipe out entire police stations. Recruitment sites, where Iraqi security forces are abundant, are convenient and symbolic targets for the relentless insurgents. Convoys are ambushed, patrols are bombed with homemade devices, and IEDs are detonated along police beats. Police officers are kidnapped. Then they are executed.

The inconceivable risks aside, the police continue to persistently battle the rebels that plague the streets of Iraq. With fearless patrols, bold arrests and a raw intensity, the police effort made today influences the very future of the country. For in the next few years, the security of the citizens of Iraq will rest squarely in the hands of the Iraqi police. The world is watching.

Release Date: February 25, 2005

Iraqi Police

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