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Mission 37 - Forces
Iraqi Police

  • Iraqi Police
  • Friendly Forces

    The police have become a formidable fighting unit in the weeks leading up to Iraq’s national elections. New recruits have replaced the shaky provisional teams that left the ranks due to a lack of training, inadequate weaponry, and uneasiness about the future of their country.

    Today, Iraqi police academies graduate new officers at a rate of 6,000 per month to add to the 80,000 police already on the streets of Iraq. Currently, there are 40,000 more cadets between the ages of 20 to 35 preparing to graduate from regional academies. Eventually, more than half of all the security forces in Iraq will be made up of police officers.

    In the field, Iraqi police have made strong headway against the insurgency. Police have arrested various leaders of the insurgency, including a top aide to Iraqi Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and the mastermind who formed an Islamic militant organization responsible for several attacks against the Iraqi National Guard. The police have also secured countless weapon caches and collected secret data from Insurgents by conducting raids throughout the cities. In preparation to conduct special operations without assistance, some Iraqi police are trained to conduct more complex missions.

    156 police officers have graduated from the Provincial SWAT (special weapons and tactics) training course. These officers have special weapons training and preparation in dynamic entries, mechanical breaching, diversionary strategies, sniper training and offensive driving skills. As a rapid response unit, the Provincial SWAT teams are specialists in high-risk arrest and hostage rescue operations.

    The new Iraqi police are better equipped with 69 million rounds of ammunition and 148 million rounds more in storage; 70,000 pistols; 49,000 AK-47s; 1,700 PKM heavy machine guns and 5,700 vehicles. Iraqi police have body armor, protective head gear and radios.

    Though morale is high and the police are well-trained and equipped, they are still regularly targeted by Insurgents. In the last three months of 2004, more than a thousand police officers and cadets were killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty.


    Iraqi Police

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