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Mission 37 - Details
Iraqi Police

Insurgents wage a chronic war on Iraqi police. As the number of new recruits increases, so too does the intensity of the insurgent attacks.

Because of their increasing visibility, the Iraqi police have remained a constant source of interest to Insurgents. Suffering violent attacks on a daily basis, the most routine patrols are a death defying act by the police. Ambushes are a probability. Police officers and their relatives are kidnapped and murdered. IEDs are seemingly everywhere; suicide bombers are commonplace and police in government buildings are held under siege.

Yet recruitment is flourishing.

The new Iraqi police force has grown to 80,000, and another 40,000 cadets are preparing to hit the streets where they will risk their lives for the survival of their country. Baghdad's police academy and other institutes across the region are graduating Iraqi police at a rate of 6,000 a month. Though unemployment is a problem, no paycheck is worth risking life and limb or the welfare of an officer's family. There is something in the Iraqi policeman that drives him to be a catalyst for revolution, for freedom. The Insurgents are willing to die for their cause, but so are the police.

The Iraqi police have gained momentum in the weeks and months leading up to the democratic elections, and in their shift from a provisional unit to a permanent police force. Better equipped and staffed, the confidence in the Iraqi officers has escalated. On Election Day, when it was assumed Insurgent attacks would be widespread and devastating, nearly every Iraqi policeman fulfilled his duty to work. There were 260 attacks that day, but only 40 people died.

Along with the election-day security, the Iraqi police are heralded for their successful raids and security patrols. The police secure caches of weapons, thwart suicide bombers and assist in the capture of top-level Insurgents. There is now an enormous amount of credibility in the same organization that a year ago suffered a 50% resignation rate. Sensing the winds of change are absolute, citizens approach Iraqi police with a steady stream of information on Insurgent activities and the placement of IEDs.

The Iraqis' trust in their police force has evolved slowly, through the force's unfailing presence and unparalleled respect for their citizens. On Election Day, a policeman lost his life when he tackled a suicide bomber who was running toward a polling site. The officer saved the lives of throngs of voters waiting in line to exercise their right to live in a free society. He carried out his duty to forever protect his fellow Iraqis.

For that policeman and countless others, itís a job worth dying for.


Iraqi Police

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