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Mission 37 - Description
Iraqi Police

With strength in numbers, strong tactics and new weaponry, Iraqi police still suffer at the hands of Insurgents.

The Insurgents have long looked to the Iraqi police as easy targets. But the force has come a long way from its first recruits, untrained troops who were consistently outmanned and outgunned by the rebels. Police recruitment is now surging and the cops are conducting fruitful raids and seizing rebel fighters.

Last week, Iraqi police arrested two leaders of the insurgency, including a top aide to Iraqi Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Along with most wanted figures, the habitual police raids unearth a slew of enemy weaponry and enemy information.

But the stealth and power of the new Iraqi police is no deterrent for the Insurgents, who continually wage war against the cops. Each day brings another bombing, another ambush, another execution. As an Iraqi policeman, could you don the uniform that's a target for every Insurgent in your country? With minimal training, do you have the wits, the instincts, the guts it takes to survive another day on the streets? The enemy is anywhere and everywhere. As an Iraqi policeman, your time has come. Take back your city.


Iraqi Police

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