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Mission 37 - Chronology
Iraqi Police

February 3, 2005:
Militants attack an Iraqi police convoy en route to Baghdad. The major ambush kills two policemen, wounds 14 and leaves 36 officers missing. It is the worst day of violence since the elections.

February 4, 2005:
Outside of Tikrit, two Iraqi soldiers die and five others are wounded when a homemade bomb is detonated as the Iraqi soldiers pass by on patrol.

February 5, 2005:
In Basra, four Iraqi soldiers are murdered when an IED detonates as an Iraqi army patrol passes by. A fifth Iraqi soldier is injured, along with two civilians.

February 6, 2005:
Insurgents attack a police station south of Baghdad, killing 22 Iraqi security workers. The dead include five Iraqi national guardsmen and 17 policemen. In the same area, two Iraqi National Guard soldiers are killed and three more injured in an ambush.

Authorities find the bodies of eight Iraqi Police officers near Baghdad. The Police officers had been kidnapped from a police convoy three days earlier. Seven of the men had been shot in the head execution-style, and the eighth had been beheaded.

February 7, 2005:
12 Iraqi Police officers are killed while waiting to collect their wages at a hospital in Mosul. A suicide bomber had called them around him before detonating his bomb.

13 people die when a car bomb is detonated in Baquba. The bombing is timed to coincide with the gathering of men outside the Diyala police station, hoping to join the force.

February 8, 2005:
A suicide bomber embeds himself in a crowd of Iraqis waiting to enlist at a Baghdad military base. He detonates an explosive belt and kills two Iraqi soldiers and 13 recruits.

February 9, 2005:
Four Iraqi Policemen are killed when a roadside bomb is detonated in Samarra. Two other officers are wounded in the blast.

February 10, 2005:
At least three Iraqi police officers are dead and more than 60 people are wounded when rebels attack a police station near the town of Salman Pak, in an area known as Iraq's "triangle of death." The battle begins with a car bomb, but escalates into a two-hour gunfight after police convoys pursue the insurgents.

February 16, 2005:
An insurgent opens fire on a police convoy in an attempt to assassinate a police captain near Samarra. In the ensuing firefight, three Iraqi police officers die.

February 18, 2005:
The bodies of six Iraqi soldiers are discovered near Samarra. Kidnapped a week ago, the soldiers bear gunshot wounds to their heads and chest.

Two policemen are killed while guarding a Samarra power plant. Insurgents murder the men, steal their weapons and flee the scene in the police car.

The police chief of the Iraqi city of Najaf learns his two sons have been murdered. The men, both in their early 20s, had been kidnapped while making a holy pilgrimage the day before. Their dead bodies are found in a palm grove east of Kerbala.

February 22, 2005:
A car bomb detonates near an Iraqi troop convoy as it leaves Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers are dead; 30 more members of the commando unit are wounded.

February 24, 2005:
A car bomb detonates near an Iraqi troop convoy as it leaves Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers are dead; 30 more members of the commando unit are wounded.


Iraqi Police

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