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Mission 8 - Tactical Considerations
Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2

Hostage Rescue 101 by CIA intelligence officer Antonio Mendez

A black exfiltration is when you sneak the asset out in a crate or hidden compartment. You always have a parallel plan for a black exfiltration - but we didn't use it. We decided on a gray exfiltration - where you use legal or quasi-legal means to move the asset out of the country, disguising his identity. The asset shows his papers at the border and leaves standing up. We've done more than 150 of these jobs, getting people out of the Soviet bloc. Read more >

Why the US didn't face the Iran threat by CIA case officer Robert Baer

You fight the wars you can. And Iran was too hard. First of all, we were scared of Iran. Iran had the ability to upset the Gulf - destabilize it with their navy - and basically cut off gasoline to us. It also had a formidable army. And we always assumed they were crazy. What were they going to do? Start hijacking planes into Beirut and shooting the passengers? We didn't know. Read more >


Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2