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Mission 8 - Overview
Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2

Tehran, Iran - April 24, 1980: After hostages are seized at the US embassy, intelligence personnel and Special Forces plan a daring raid to get them back.

We know about the disaster in the desert - the rescue mission to free the American hostages that went horribly wrong when a helicopter crashed into a C-130 full of fuel. But what was the plan?

With a team of CIA and Special Forces prepping the Iranian desert landing site and readying a fleet of disguised trucks to bring the team into Tehran, almost two hundred Special Forces troops were to attempt one of the most ambitious hostage rescue operations in history. The plan was astounding: After flying via helicopter from Desert One to the edge of Tehran and moving into disguised trucks, dozens of US commandos would enter the embassy, eliminate the Iranian "students," and free the hostages. While AC-130 Spectre Gunships circled overhead to provide "crowd control," navy helicopters would land in a nearby soccer stadium to evacuate the team and the 53 hostages.

And from there, it gets difficult.

Helping reconstruct events for our Kuma News segment is the CIA’s former "Master of Disguise," Antonio Mendez, recipient of the Intelligence Star for Valor and author of the book Spy Dust. He’ll detail his own actions in Tehran during the Iran Hostage Crisis and provide the context for this amazing, historic mission.

In Part Two of this three part mission, you have already succeeded in storming the American embassy, neutralizing the “student” radicals, and freeing the hostages. Now, you and your fellow Delta Force operators are gathered in preparation for your daring escape from Tehran.

Exit the compound, and get your team - and your hostages – safely across the street to the Amjadieh soccer stadium. There you’ll board the waiting helicopters. But Tehran is swarming with hundreds of thousands of anti-American militants, and even just reaching your point of egress will be challenging, at best.

Your desperate job is to hold off waves of counter attacks and get your hostages – and hopefully yourself – on the last helo out of Tehran.


Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2

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