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Mission 7 - Description
Iran Hostage Rescue Mission

Tehran, Iran - April 24, 1980: You lead the elite counterterrorist Delta Force into battle to free Americans in the embassy at Tehran.

Pitch black darkness. The hatch opens, and the C-130 belches you out into the desert where the night wind whips the cold sand around your team, and you wait for the helos to arrive. Dressed in jeans, boots, and a dyed-black shirt, you don’t look like any professional soldier in a regular army. You are a member of Delta Force, the most deadly and well-trained Special Forces outfit in the world. Your mission is to rescue more than 50 Americans held hostage in Iran.

Intel tells you there are more than 100 well-armed Iranian militants in the compound and up to a half dozen buildings that might be full of Americans. An old hand at the SpecOps game went in ahead of you to get a fleet of trucks to take you in for the final assault. That is where today’s mission begins.

Can you fight your way through the guards? Can you locate the hostages and bring them to the evac point-- a soccer stadium nearby? And are you prepared for the mission to "go south?" The helos are temperamental, and your fellow operators have talked about the possibility of being stranded in Tehran. Each operator carries $10,000 in gold rials and a car theft kit -- just in case -- with the thought of somehow making it out of Tehran and to the Soviet border.

The whir of the helos gets closer. The winds pick up. You check your CAR-15 and steel yourself.

It is a simply astounding plan: all the more so for being true.


Iran Hostage Rescue Mission