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Mission 57 - Overview
IED Sweep

A year ago, one or two homemade bombs were detonated each day, but today as many as 30 bombs explode in Iraq on a daily basis, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are currently responsible for eight in every ten American soldiers’ deaths. The snowballing success of IEDs is due to fast manufacturing, simplistic design, and utterly inconspicuous placement.

Last month, American forces suffered approximately 700 attacks by the most common and effective insurgent weapon—the improvised explosive device. The horrific August events signify the highest number of IED attacks in one month since the start of the War in Iraq.

IEDs are buried deep in the sand and hung high from overpasses; they’re laid on top of garbage and stuffed inside headless corpses. Some are small enough to fit inside a soda can. Others, like the IED that killed four soldiers in Baghdad in July, weigh in excess of 500 pounds.

Kuma\War offers a glimpse into the endless variety of sizes, types and concealment methods of improvised explosive devices. In our playable mission, you are tasked with identifying the same hidden killers our soldiers face each day throughout Iraq. Our mission is set in the Qaim, a notorious insurgent hotspot near the Syrian border.

The insurgents are adept at disguising IEDs to blend perfectly into the Iraqi landscape, and unearthing the bombs is a painstaking task. With even the most deliberate movements and vigilant eyes, the safety of your squad is not guaranteed: Often, IEDs are used to stun troops and divert attention from insurgents lying in wait.

Move with stealth and look ahead. At the same time, watch your back.

Release date: September 15, 2005

IED Sweep

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