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Mission 14 - Overview
Fallujah Vigilant Resolve

Fallujah, Iraq. April 5, 2004:

Hundreds of US Marines and Iraqi forces surround Fallujah and prepare to launch Operation Vigilant Resolve, a month-long military campaign to flush out and punish insurgents responsible for the brutal mutilation of 4 US civilian contractors and to quell the raging hotbed of pro-Saddam loyalists once and for all. Their mission is complicated. Marines battle endlessly with guerilla forces in the Sunni City, tightening the noose by day and then retreating at nightfall.

US Marines are tested here. Holy sites become insurgent hideouts, and troops are forced to accommodate ever-changing rules of engagement. The enemy’s contained within the city’s limits, but every move to tighten the cordon around the insurgency is met with fierce retaliation. Weapons caches reveal guerilla forces are well-armed with everything from surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank mines, a US TOW anti-tank missile, and even Pepsi bottles filled with explosives.

With the constant barrage of enemy fire in Fallujah, April becomes the deadliest month for US troops since the start of military operations in Iraq more than a year earlier. By the end of the month, US Marines find themselves leaving the Sunni stronghold in the hands of the newly-formed Fallujah Brigade - a contingency of Iraqi security personnel assembled to maintain peace amongst their own. But the political resolution leaves a sour taste in the mouths of some. Many of the Fallujah Brigade are former soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s army, and some ate the same men who had been fighting US troops in Fallujah all along.

Joining Jacki Schechner in this edition of Kuma News is Marine Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson (ret.) who discusses the effectiveness of US military efforts in Fallujah and where the city stands today. Also on board is Staff Sergeant Dan Snyder, formerly of the Marine Modeling and Simulation office, and an expert on the physical and tactical challenges involved in operations like Vigilant Resolve. Once you’ve been briefed, you’ll enter this playable mission as commander of the First Marine Expeditionary Force battling determined guerilla factions in the furious city of Fallujah.


Fallujah Vigilant Resolve

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