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Mission 14 - Description
Fallujah Vigilant Resolve

Fallujah, Iraq. April 5, 2004: US Marine forces infiltrate the city of Fallujah in direct response to the murder and mutilation of four US civilian contractors.

Insurgents attack the contractors’ SUVs as they drive through the Sunni stronghold, and the world watches the aftermath in horror. Charred bodies lay in the street, and a mob swells -- cheering on the rebels as they beat, kick, and dance atop the bodies. Before the day is through, insurgents will tie one of the charred corpses to a car bumper and drag it through the streets - a gruesome scene eerily reminiscent of the treatment of an American soldier in Mogadishu, Somalia in October 1993. In Fallujah, two of the four contractors are hung from a bridge, left to lifelessly sway over the Euphrates River as a macabre display of the guerillas’ ruthless capabilities.

Five days later, US Marines launch their retaliation campaign. You are part of the First Marine Expeditionary Force, entering one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq after it’s cordoned off from the outside world. The streets are teeming with a deadly combination of rebels, including supporters of Saddam Hussein, anti-US foreign fighters, members of the al-Mahdi Army, and the nine sought in connection with the death and mutilation of the contractors. The world is watching.

Your team will experience first-hand the lethal undertaking Marines faced in Fallujah. You are up against an enemy capable of taking down helicopters and blowing up convoys, only to then ambush the rescue squads. Attackers are lurking in alleys, on rooftops, in homes, and at mosques -- anywhere they can undermine your attempts at peace. These are the bloodiest days of the war, and April will become the deadliest month for US troops in Iraq thus far. Use your arsenal and tactical training to maneuver through the streets and successfully carry out Operation Vigilant Resolve.


Fallujah Vigilant Resolve