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Mission 6 - Overview
Fallujah Police Station Raid

Fallujah, Iraq. February 14, 2004 - Our mission 6 online shooting game features a ferocious assault foretelling April's bloody insurrection, when insurgents attack a Fallujah police station, killing 17 Iraqi police officers and releasing some 87 prisoners. As you'll see in the online shooting game, after an hour-long RPG and heavy machine gun assault, insurgents storm the building and, moving from room to room, shoot every police officer they can find. Even by the brutal standards of Fallujah, this is an appalling attack due to the ruthless slaughter of Iraqis by their own countrymen.

Fallujah's reputation as a dangerous and uncontrollable city continues to grow. The police station raid-the subject of this online shooting game-comes just two days after an assassination attempt on high ranking US military personnel. Indeed, for the past 10 months, Fallujah has been Iraq's most violence-prone city -- a center of loyalist sentiment, where American troops face daily ambushes. Saddam loyalists, AIA, the Zarqawi network and al Qaeda, other foreign terrorist organizations, and al-Sadr's militia are all making the rebuilding process seemingly impossible.

Iraqi police and the Civil Defense Corps had been at the forefront of the bloody battles waging in areas like Fallujah, and they are struggling to demonstrate their effectiveness. Their own ability to maintain order in a chaotic region will be a test of Iraq's ability to govern herself, and it will be critical in asserting Iraqi independence. But they fight an opposition undermining every attempt to secure the region. Suicide bombings, grenade attacks, and snipers - the face of urban warfare - are hard for even the most elite troops to combat. Unfortunately, Iraqi security forces are largely still under training and awaiting the weaponry needed to effectively fight the rebels.

No one knows for sure which group launched the Fallujah police station raid. Iraq has a complicated mix of guerilla fighters who share the common goal of preventing any American-led progress in Iraq. Along with pro-Saddam loyalists and jihad sympathizers, there are Syrian mercenaries, Iran-backed militia, and followers of al Qaeda captain Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - the so-called Zarqawi network. Thus, several insurgent groups are modeled in the online shooting game.

While according to local officials, Iranians were among the dead assailants, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmet asserts that the Fallujah actions are the work of homegrown loyalists. "You've got former regime elements, paramilitary trained in the Iraqi army, Iraqi intelligence service, who had -- and perhaps still continue to have -- some sort of idea that they can return, if not a Saddamist government to power, perhaps could bring some sort of authoritarian Ba'ath-like structure back to power." Fallujah is a center for Saddam Hussein's ancestral tribe and a source for many of his officers and advisors. Several people, including Fallujah's mayor, were questioned about their role in the devastating assault on the Fallujah police station. In the weeks that follow, the area will see the brutal slaughter and mutilation of US civilian contractors moving through the tumultuous city and a major US Marine response. There is clearly a definitive campaign underway to repel US reconstruction efforts and display the vulnerabilities of American-led Iraqi organizations.

Release date: April 16, 2004


Fallujah Police Station Raid

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