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Mission 6 - News Coverage
Fallujah Police Station Raid

Event Reporting
USAToday.com Insurgents attack five sites, kill 17 Iraqi policemen
dehai.org 23 Killed, Prisoners Freed in Iraqi Raid
NYtimes.com 25 Slain and 40 Wounded in Iraq as Raid on Police Frees Prisoners
CNN.com Fallujah attack leaves 20 dead, mostly Iraqi police
NYTimes.com After Attacks, Iraqi Security Looks Unready
Toronto Star Iraqi police die, prisoners are freed: At least 15 officers killed in bold attack
NYTimes.com Al Qaeda Rebuffs Iraqi Terror Group, U.S. Officials Say
Myrtlebeachonline.com Fallujah Awash in Theories About Attack
Belleville.com U.S. battling al Qaeda cell in Fallujah
USAToday.com U.S. wary of Iranian influence in Iraq
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  Recent Iraq Attacks Render June Hand-Over Difficult
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