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Mission 6 - Multimedia
Fallujah Police Station Raid


At least 20 people died when insurgents stormed a police compound in Fallujah, Iraq.

Clare Murphy reports on the attack in the flashpoint of Falluja, Iraq

Locals say U.S. Troops "showed no mercy" as they beat back multiple insurgent ambushes in the Iraqi city of Samarra. Residents also claim civilians were killed. Allen Pizzey reports.

An attack by insurgents on an Iraqi security compound in Fallujah Saturday killed more than 20 and injured more than 30.

Iraq Ambush, Inmates Freed

Alan Fryer on the deadly attack on a Fallujah, Iraq police station


NPR Radio broadcast of the attack: Deadly Raid on Iraqi Police Station Frees Prisoners

U.S.: Iraqi Gunmen Behind Attacks (All Things Considered audio)