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Mission 6 - Description
Fallujah Police Station Raid

Fallujah - the city of mosques - is now better known as Iraq's primary hotbed of insurgent activity as US and coalition forces prepare to hand control over the nation back to her own people. A mixture of Saddam loyalists, AIA, the Zarqawi network and al Qaeda, other foreign terrorist organizations, and al-Sadr's militia are battling for leverage. All have different reasons for wanting to destabilize coalition efforts, but all are working furiously to do just that.

Just two days after an ambitious - yet unsuccessful-- ambush on General Abizaid's convoy outside Fallujah's Iraqi Civil Defense Corps outpost, insurgents launch a larger and more damaging assault on law enforcement forces in the area. Guerilla forces attack an Iraqi police station in broad daylight. The police are under-staffed, outgunned, and caught completely off guard. Armed with only light machine guns, the officers struggle to repel the enemy's barrage of rocket-propelled grenades and automatic gunfire. The attackers move from room-to-room, gunning down every officer they find and freeing 87 prisoners. Two dozen more insurgents outside the Civil Defense Corps outpost hold those forces at bay, keeping reinforcements from reaching the station. Isolated, their phone lines cut, police officers attempt to organize a defense to prevent being overrun and killed.

You and your fellow officers are surprised inside the Fallujah police station. As insurgents rush in ambush, you must repel guerilla forces armed with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns. Your light machine guns start you off with less firepower, but you can improve your odds of survival by swapping with any insurgents you manage to incapacitate. Your knowledge of the station layout will come in handy as you stake out rooms for good vantage points from which to fire. Your life - and that of your colleagues - is at stake in this mission. But you are also battling to prove to the world that an Iraqi civilian police force is strong enough to protect its own people once foreign force pulls out of the region.


Fallujah Police Station Raid

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