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Mission 6 - Chronology
Fallujah Police Station Raid

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Insurgents target Iraqi forces, killing 55 people in a suicide bombing in front of a police station south of Baghdad.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

47 Iraqis perish in a car-bomb attack at a Baghdad recruitment centre for the New Iraqi Army.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

1:30pm: General John P. Abizaid, Commander of American forces in the Middle East, narrowly escapes an assassination attempt when his convoy is attacked by anti-coalition insurgents.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Sometime before 8am: Insurgents set up checkpoints, block the road to the police station, and warn shop owners not to open today. No one calls the police.

8am: Someone calls an incident into the police station, and many officers take off to handle it.

8:15am: An accomplice severs the station's communication lines. Gunmen pull up in cars and jeeps and form a horseshoe around the compound. They open fire.

25 gunmen wearing masks and shouting "God is great" storm the compound and blow open a metal gate with rocket propelled grenades. They move from room to room, tossing grenades and shooting every police officer they find.

Insurgents release 87 prisoners from jail cells in the station.

At the same time as the police station raid, another two dozen insurgents hold Iraqi Civil Defense Outpost forces from rushing to the officers' aid.

The United States' 82nd Airborne Division hears the gun battle and offers help. They're told to just send ammunition, no manpower.

9:15am The station raid ends and 23 people are dead-- 17 police officers, 4 attackers, and 2 civilians. Authorities capture only 2 wounded insurgents.

Late Saturday night: US forces arrest Fallujah Mayor Raad Hussein on suspicion that the police raid was an inside job. 82nd Airborne Division Lt. Col. Brian Drinkwine calls Hussein not "adept enough" to have pulled off the attack but suspects he may know something about it.


Fallujah Police Station Raid