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Mission 32 - News Coverage
Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

Event Reporting:

The Christian Science Monitor
Behind Fallujah strategy

The Christian Science Monitor
US tests new tactics in urban warfare

The Christian Science Monitor
Marines enter trip-wired Fallujah

The Seattle Times
Fiery sky over Fallujah as Marines push into embattled city

U.S., Iraqis enter Falluja's center

Arraf: Falluja 'has been breached'

U.S. Forces reach center of Fallujah

The Washington Post
U.S. Forces Push Deep Into Fallujah

The Washington Post
U.S. and Iraqi Troops Push Into Fallujah

Troops Drive to Heart of Fallujah

Inside Fallujah: Battling house to house

Chicago Tribune
U.S.-Iraqi force pushes Into Fallujah

Key Insurgents May Have Already Fled Fallujah

U.S., Iraqi troops gain ground in Falluja

U.S. Takes 'Half Falluja,' Allawi Cousin Kidnapped

U.S., Iraqi troops gain ground in Falluja

Iraq PM's relatives kidnapped

Fox News
Hostage 'Slaughterhouses' Found in Fallujah

Washington Times
18 US, 5 Iraqi troops dead in Fallujah

Target: Fallujah

Official Announcements
Marine General: Fallujah Operations 'Ahead of Schedule'
Official After Action Reports:
DoD Briefing - Iraq Security Forces and Multinational Forces Offensive Actions in Fallujah, Iraq
Defense Department Operational Update Briefing [Marine Expeditionary Force, Fallujah, Iraq]
High-Stakes Showdown in Fallujah
Mandate for Fallujah
So We Win Fallujah. Then What?
Beyond Fallujah
Grass Roots Websites:
Pro Defend America
Pro Department of Homeland Security
Pro Project for the New American Century
Pro US Department of State
Con The National Grassroots Peace Network
Con Greenpeace International
Con Campaign to Stop the War Against Iraq
Con The New Internationalist

Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

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