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Mission 32 - Chronology
Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

November 7, 2004:
Leaflets are dropped over the city of Fallujah to warn residents US forces will soon invade. Iraqi forces take control of Fallujah General Hospital, and Marines secure nearby bridges. Insurgents initiate a five-hour firefight that results in 38 arrests.

November 8, 2004:
A 24-hour curfew is in effect for the city of Fallujah, and Operation Phantom Fury officially begins. Thousands of US and Iraqi troops move into the city at 7:00 p.m. Marine and Army units enter Fallujah from the north.

November 9, 2004:
By 1:00 a.m., northeastern troops have advanced 800 yards into the city through IEDs and booby traps lying in wait. Units to the west, under heavy fire, spend hours breaking through a single line of houses. Insurgents use surrounding buildings for cover and mosques for makeshift hospitals.

Intense street clashes rage in the dense northern neighborhoods. Insurgents manage to disable two tanks. US troops move roof-to-roof to secure buildings as machine gun-mounted HMMWVs patrol the streets below. Other coalition troops seal off Fallujah's exit points in Fallujah as 3,000 more Marine and Army soldiers enter the city from the north.

Militants kidnap three relatives of Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. Ansar al-Jihad claims responsibility and demands the release of all Iraqi prisoners and an end to the attacks on Fallujah within 48 hours or the terrorists will behead the hostages.

November 10, 2004:
Troops discover CDs and documents of people taken captive in houses in the northern part of Fallujah. The most notorious abductions in Iraq have been by the al Qaeda-linked group led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who is believed to have fled Fallujah before the operation.

November 11, 2004:
It is the "Night of Power," an annual Islamic holy day marked by intense spiritual devotion believed to cleanse sins and determine destiny. Troops brace for a counter-offensive.

US troops unearth human slaughterhouses and free shackled hostages who were set to be executed by insurgents.

November 12, 2004:
US soldiers advance into southern Fallujah. They now control 80 percent of the city.

November 14, 2004:
As sporadic fighting continues, Iraqi troops are tasked with helping clear weapons and fighters from every room of each of Fallujah's 50,000 buildings.


Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn), Part 2

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