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Mission 29 - Description
Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)

Fallujah, Iraq. November 2004: More than 10,000 coalition troops storm Fallujah in an epic battle that hollows out the city and pierces through the heart of the nation's insurgency. This mission's success is integral to the future of Iraq and its potential for democracy. Fallujah must be under control or national elections cannot take place.

Military officials know what lies ahead. Fallujah has been a hotbed of insurgent activity for months, with enemy fighters stockpiling weapons, building safe houses, carving out underground tunnels, and fortifying bomb-making laboratories. Precision air strike have done much to soften the target city, but some 3,000 enemy fighters remain entrenched and prepared to fight - no matter the strength of the US-led military assault.

And Operation al-Fajr is intense. It is the largest single military action since the fall of Saddam's regime. US Marines and Army soldiers capture the Sunni stronghold and shatter the insurgency ahead of schedule. It takes just six days for US forces to move through the entire city.

In this immersive recreation of the joint operation to pacify Fallujah, you and your fellow Marines are tasked to capturing the Jolan district in the northwest corner of the city. Surrounded by shadowy enemies, you must battle through the train yard and then move south across an open field, along the highway, and into a mosque. Secure the area, defend your men, protect the innocent, and fight with a fury. Iraq's future freedom depends on it.


Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)

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