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Mission 9 - Overview
Fallujah Abizaid Attack

Fallujah, Iraq. February 12, 2004: General John P. Abizaid, commander of all US forces in the Middle East, arrives to inspect an Iraqi Civil Defense outpost in Fallujah, Iraq and narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by local insurgents. The 82nd Airborne and ICDC soldiers provide a swift counter-attack, moving out into the streets of the city to hunt down the General's assailants.

At this time, Fallujah is rapidly establishing its status as the most dangerous city in Iraq. Had the assassination attempt succeeded, the insurgents would have scored a major coup in taking out a top-ranking official and thereby, most likely, shaking the coalition's confidence to the core. But in the wake of the failed attack, questions arise. Did the enemy know whose convoy they were ambushing, or were they just pouncing on an anonymous target of opportunity? Skepticism mounts, and following a brutal police station raid just two days later, US forces arrest Fallujah mayor Raad Hussein on suspicion of an insider leak. He is held for questioning.

With the help of Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (ret.), Kuma News explores the mindset of Iraqi insurgents and analyzes the possibility of an insider leak. We'll also talk to Dante Anderson, Kuma's Head of Product Development, who discusses the details of recreating a convoy attack in what would become one of the most dreaded military destinations -- Fallujah.

As part of the 82nd Airborne Division and the ICDC who defended the General, you'll have the opportunity to lead your team to swiftly root out and immobilize the would-be assassins. Don't underestimate the enemy's resolve or the magnitude of this mission. You and your men control not only the destiny of General John P. Abizaid but also the future of war operations as we know them.


Fallujah Abizaid Attack

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