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Mission 12 - Design & Production Notes
Desert Town

We noticed a lot of people were asking for more multiplayer and coop action, so we decided to create this week’s Multiplayer Pack. We have several development teams working on upcoming missions at any given time, and we wanted to start one dedicated to multiplayer maps. There will be more releases like this one in the near future. Sergeant Snyder’s expertise and commentary wind nicely into this collaboration because many tactical problems and scenarios involve teamwork and are best learned with other people.

You’ll recognize Sergeant Snyder from previous mission briefings and from his weekly tactical breakdown. Icebreakr will be new to some Kuma users. He is a European modder from Slovenia. He’s been involved with several military shooters in the past, specifically contributing to maps.

With non-real world events, we have the luxury of doing a little staging. We can add something like a hill or water to a map, letting the user explore the tactical and strategic implications of physical geography. Sergeant Snyder can add enemies in specific locales as in Ambush Patrol, showing the importance of taking the second floor of a building and opening up lines of fire to protect your squad. The size of the map also changes when you’re creating something specific for RedonBlue. These maps are typically smaller than mission maps in order to keep the participants in close proximity to one another. For example, Anaconda is five times too big a map for even a large RedonBlue game with many players.

You’ll notice we’ve modeled water in two of the three maps. There are also a lot of vehicles in Desert Town, and be sure to check out the submarine in Coastline. Note how the foliage changes tactics in Coastline versus Desert Town and Patrol Ambush. There are a lot of good sniper positions in Coastline and Desert Town too. Patrol Ambush has a significant single player experience, and while the other two have single player, they are more limited and good for just practicing your general skills.


Desert Town