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Mission 22 -Overview
Dai Chopan: The Taliban Trap

Dai Chopan, Afghanistan. June 8, 2004: US forces initiate a surprise attack on a terrorist stronghold, but when 100 Taliban fighters ambush Marines along the way, the roles reverse. Nestled in the terrorist enclave of Dai Chopan, the Taliban wage a lethal campaign against democracy. Murderous sprees at Afghan voter registration sites have paralyzed citizens and police officers and UN and aid workers. A perilous military offensive dubbed Operation Asbury Park begins, and after six days of continuous battles, the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit heads to a known ambush site, one the Taliban has used to launch its fury before.

But the convoy will not make it to its destination.

Along route to the insurgent hideout, 100 Taliban let loose on the unsuspecting Marines. Instead of the usual hit-and-run tactic, the rebels embed themselves in the foothills of Dai Chopan and engage the MEU in a relentless ground assault. It is their ultimate stand. If the Marines lose this battle, the insurgency is undoubtedly reinforced. But if the MEU manages to overpower the terrorists, it may well break the Talibanís back.

In this edition of Kuma News, Jacki Schechner and Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson (ret.) discuss swift infiltrations by the Marines in insurgent havens like Dai Chopan and the collaboration of units needed to put an end to the Talibanís reign of terror. Then hear from Dante Anderson, Kumaís Head of Product Development, about the chilling replication of one of the most desolate and dangerous regions in Afghanistan.

Release date: September 28, 2004

Dai Chopan