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Mission 13 - Tactical Considerations

"Coastline" is a great map for learning the difference between cover and concealment. Cover shields you from rounds. Concealment hides you from sight. The barn is cover. The bushes are concealment. And if you suspect someone is hiding in the bushes, you can do recon by fire. Shoot until someone comes out. So if there is a piece of terrain you are suspicious of, hose it down with fire, especially with something like your M249SAW, and then move ahead. You must move on after recon by fire, though, because your fire will give you away.

My first thought in tackling this map would be to move inland quickly. Have a concrete plan and move off the littoral area. You are an easy target on the shore. There is so much great foliage and broken terrain to hide yourself in. Pick an intermediate height where you have the best chance of picking out targets. Use your "binos" to find them. Fire from the foliage and then move. Too much activity from one place is a sure giveaway.

RPGs are great, but their failing is that they leave a big smoke trail. The enemy will come right back to you. Keep your ears open. Sound is directional and will lead you to your enemy. You'll hear movement through the bushes. And stay out of the water. You are slow and visible in the blue, and the enemy can hear you. There are some places you can only swim to that are pretty safe, but the real challenge is getting there.

If you are working with a full squad, find a hilltop and set up a perimeter just below the peak. You want the intermediate terrain advantage and 360 degree coverage. If you have just two guys, go back to back. Little mountain passes are great places for both security and ambush. If you are the first squad to get to a pass, put a guy at either end. That's your security. If you are the second to make it there, move up and around the side and fire down into it. That becomes your ambush.

The Buddha Grotto is cool, and a great place to lay a booby trap. Timed C4 would be one way. You can hold a lot of people off from here, but you can't really get out. So consider setting a trap rather than lying in wait. RedonBlue "gotchas" are the most fun. The Grotto is going to be a place you are going to have to keep people out of. And remember, the only approach is by water. Fisherman's Cave is similar to the grotto. It's a great place to make a last stand.

As for the dock, you are highly visible there and will end up doing peek-a-boo urban combat type stuff. If you are looking at the dock, you will get the kill. There is cover on docks and bridges, but you'll see the negatives of this. Cover locks you down. This map will definitely show you the relative value of cover versus concealment.

From an interview with US Army Staff Sergeant Dan Snyder



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