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Mission 13 - Overview

The Multiplayer Map Pack features three new mission maps designed to highlight and explain basic squad tactics and scenarios. One is created by US Army Staff Sergeant Dan Snyder, formerly of the Marine Modeling and Simulation Management Office and creator of Marine Doom. The other two are by Icebreakr, our European multiplayer map expert. All mission maps are accompanied by expert tactical commentary from Sergeant Snyder.

Your first tactical exercise is Sergeant Snyder's "Patrol Ambush." This Kuma mission shows a typical scenario in Iraq being faced by all infantry units conducting patrols throughout that nation. A small team checks out a building based on a tip from a local informant. But when the patrol gets there, they encounter more trouble than they bargained for. As occasionally is the case, the "hot tip" sent them right into a trap.

Tactical Exercise #2 - "Desert Town" - is the first of two maps by Icebreakr. This is a typical Iraqi village. Like many, it is close to the Euphrates River - the country's lifeblood - and therefore, is blessed with ample water. The mission map is designed specifically for RedonBlue matches, with geographic implements and impediments in place to maximize your need for tactical maneuvering. You can also try a quick Coop or Mission Mode match and try to take the hill in the center of town. Sergeant Snyder's Intel briefings will give you a good idea of how to manage the water and terrain. Feel free to jump into the water and take a swim, but remember, you are still vulnerable there.

"Coastline" is Icebreakr's second map, and your third tactical mission. It models a temperate, sub-tropical shore area and features a coastline. The lush vegetation creates visibility challenges and definitive lines of fire. Coastline is designed exclsuively for RedonBlue matches. Be sure to check out the mission Intel for Sergeant Snyder’s tips and tricks on how to tactically navigate the coastline terrain successfully.



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