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Mission 18 - Global Headlines
al Qaeda: The Battle for Mosul

British Sailors Released by Iran
Six Royal Marines and two sailors captured by Iranian forces were returned to diplomats at the British embassy after a tense 3-day standoff. They had crossed into the Iranian side of the Arvand River while delivering a patrol boat to Iraq's new river police. Iran also briefly detained and then released a number of Turkish troops who strayed across the border, according to a report by Iranian state TV.

Feds Nab Duo Who Stole AOL’s List of 30 Million Subscribers
The Secret Service arrested an AOL software engineer and his accomplice for stealing AOL’s entire subscriber list - 30 million customers with 92 million screen names - in a scheme to sell the list to spammers. The federal agents obtained information on the pair from a former customer who was previously caught.

Cheney Curses Senator over Halliburton Criticism
Using profanity, Vice President Dick Cheney had what his spokesman called a "frank exchange of views" with Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, during a class photo on the Senate floor. Cheney scolded Leahy over his recent criticism of the Vice President’s connection to Halliburton.

Bush Interviewed in CIA Leak Probe
Investigators from the Department of Justice questioned President Bush for more than an hour about the leak of a CIA operative's name to reporter Robert Novak. Legal experts following the case said it could indicate the probe was nearing an end.

Japanese Inventors Developing the "Bone Phone"
Inventors are developing a phone which uses "bone conduction" to send vibrations up the wearer’s finger and into the ear canal to make and receive calls.

Post Office Error Sends Customers to Phone Sex Line
The toll-free answer line on a card sent out by the USPS was mistyped to send callers to "Intimate Connections," a line promising "hot sex" instead of postal information.

Tractor Terrorist Sentenced For Six Years
The tobacco farmer called "tractor man" was sentenced to six years in prison by U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson. Dwight Ware Watson received two concurrent 72 month terms in a federal penitentiary, with 15 months credit for time spent in custody since his arrest. Watson was convicted of making a false threat to detonate explosives and destruction of federal property while in a bizarre standoff in which he drove a tractor into the Washington Mall.

Stripper Steals Hair
A woman identifying herself as a stripper allegedly stole $1,700 worth of hair extension from a Norwegian salon. The woman ordered the hair by phone from Studio M salon in Lillehammer. After being fitted with the extensions, she walked out, saying she’d be right back, and disappeared.

NASA Spacecraft Monitors Active Volcano
New Software on a NASA satellite picked up heat readings from molten lava coming from Antarctica's Mount Erebus volcano and determined the volcano was active. According to the software’s creators, it was the first time a spacecraft made "decisions," without waiting for commands from scientists. Future versions of the software might be used to monitor dust storms on Mars, ice volcanoes on Europa, and track activity on Jupiter's volcanically active moon Io.

Chavez Leads in Polls
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will win an August 15 recall referendum, according to new polls of 2,612 registered voters in Venezuela. Chavez, a leftist ex-paratrooper with ties to Fidel Castro, was ousted and then reinstated in a coup in 2002. Washington insisted it had no advance knowledge of the attempt, but Chavez' government has accused the United States of starting the rebellion. Venezuela is a major US oil supplier.

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